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Nexosmart Product Scope

The Structured Process Behind Successful Product Development

What is a Product Scope?

The Product Scope is an intensive, 7-day, structured process designed to set your project up for success. It starts with an immersive focus session where you’ll sit down with product experts and ex-startup founders to dive into your product vision from a business standpoint. Then we’ll create the right list of user stories for your Minimum Viable Product, ensuring you have all the vital features you need to go to market and test your main assumptions.

How It Works
Scope preparation
Scope preparation
In the first step of our journey into your product, we focus on your vision. This is where we get to know your idea from head-to-toe and create a comprehensive brief for the project. It allows us to gather all the research needed, from numbers on the market to competitor benchmarks or any other information necessary. This will prevent us from being blocked by a lack of information during our immersive session together. Outputs: Comprehensive Brief, List of research topics.
Immersive Session
Immersive Session
Bringing all the results from our research, we meet with you to craft a rock-solid value proposition and set the main assumptions to prove. Then we create the first draft of the journey your users will take through your product. These initial user stories will help evaluate the features during the next step – Product Rationale. Outputs: Revised Value Proposition, List of Main Assumptions to Prove, Initial User Stories.
Product Rationale
Product Rationale
At this point, we’ll have all the information we need to create the ultimate list of User Stories and features necessary to prove the main assumptions in a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or Proof of Concept (POC). Our experts in Product, UX/UI and Tech Architecture will focus on finding the answers to all of the questions raised throughout our journey together. Outputs: Complete User Stories, Key BPMN (Business Process Model & Notation), Tech Scope, Tech Spike, Business Model.

Key Benefits

Immersive Focus

We spend two days together in an intensive session so that we can reach a state of absolute focus and dig down to the core of the product’s value proposition.

Reduced Risk

We don’t want to help you build a full-featured product only to discover the market doesn’t want it. We want you to succeed. That’s why we focus on the vital features needed to test your product’s main assumptions – leaving unnecessary features behind, or saving them for later iterations.

Reduced Cost

By cutting down the feature list to the essential core that is needed to prove your product’s assumptions, you’re not only reducing the risk but also reducing the cost. You will spend less on product development and at the initial iteration phase – fewer features equals less maintenance.

Test The Waters

Picking the right agency is a key business decision and we want to make sure we are the right choice for you. With a Product Scope, you use a small part of the project’s time and cost to test our business relationship. You get to know us before committing to the full project.
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